Research Library Video Tutorials

By on October 10, 2017


  • The Video Tutorial Series was developed to familiarize users with the Research Library in an appealing, easy-to-follow format. They are best viewed in at least 720p HD in full-screen mode. To change video quality, click the Youtube Settings Button.



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  • Video Tutorials

  1.  Introduction
    Main Form Operations, New Features, Adding New Publications
  2.  General Help Part 1
    Operational Structure, Introduction to Web Buttons
  3.  General Help Part 2
    Common Button Operations, Recordset Navigation, Simple Searches
  4.  General Help Part 3
    Field Viewers, Field and Note Editors, Embedded Links, Bible Verse Recognition, Maintenance, Data Backup
  5.  General Help Part 4
    Searching, Retrieval, Filtering, Reporting
  6.  Key Word Concordance
    Concordance Form Operations, Key Word Development, Web Button Extensions
  7.  Library Publications
    Library Form Operations, Web Button Extensions, Adding New Publications
  8.  Notes
    Note Form Operations, Create and Edit Notes, Embedding Links, Web Button Extensions, Search Engine, Reporting Tools
  9.  Footnotes and References
    Footnote Form Operations, Creating a Footnote, Search Engine, Reference Header Templates
  10.  Strongs Concordance and the Septuagint
    Strong’s and Septuagint Form Operations, Search Engines, Web Button Extensions
  11.  Web Buttons
    Web Button Programming and Management
  12.  System Setup
    Personalizing the Application